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Own Life (Paperback)

Imagine if you could Own Life. Imagine owning ALL OF IT!


Imagine owning your sense of identity, your emotional rollercoaster, your energy, your time, your direction in life, your habits, your fears, your inner voice, your relationships, your doubts, your legacy, your happiness.


Enough imagining, let's get real. Are you fully owning any of it, or does your life rest in the hands of others? If you're ready to show up with confidence and take control of the future, let Own Life be your guide.


Intriguing illustrations and humour lift your spirits on this inspiring immersion of self-discovery to:


  1. Draw together the story of your past to be OK with who you are today
  2. Develop a clear sense of direction in life and how to get there
  3. Enhance your ability to face fears, beat bad habits, and handle negative emotions
  4. Grow self-esteem, resilience, and motivation


Todd's teaching is described as 'life changing', 'inspiring', 'fun', and 'powerful' by thousands of his students. Are you ready to join them and Own Life?

Own Life (Paperback)

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