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Through coaching and live events Todd has helped more than 2,000 people to take ownership of their life. Here's a selection of what they have to say about their experience:

I will:

‘… achieve my goals whatever it may take.’ [Charidimos V]

‘… be much more confident.’ [Hadra A]

‘… be more confident talking to new people.’ [Elizabeth G]

‘… be more grateful about being myself.’ [Mohamad A]

‘… be a better version of myself.’ [Nicole E]

‘… believe in myself.’ [Maddi M]

‘… change.’ [Alex M]

‘… achieve my potential.’ [Abdulla R]

‘… be more productive.’ [Fahmid C]

‘… feel comfortable being myself to others.’ [Elissar B]

‘… be more resilient to the voices in my head.’ [Natasha J]

‘… be more aware of the potential that I have.’ [Emine O]

‘… start improving my habits and focus on priorities.’ [Marta M]

‘… be more interactive with others.’ [Dongho L]

‘… manage my problems well.’ [Umar T]

‘… be more open.’ [Marta O]

‘... handle setbacks better.’ [Rosemary C]

‘… stop coming up with excuses.’ [Javor G]

‘… be more positive.’ [Mathilda C]

‘… be more motivated to achieve my goals.’ [Iva K]

‘… strive to better my self-discipline.’ [Sean M]

‘… step out of my comfort zone.’ [Margherita C]

‘… be more organized.’ [Abdul R]

‘… have more purpose in everything I do.’ [Luksa K]

‘… be more committed towards my goals.’ [Mohamed A]

‘… be more productive.’ [Sharon S]

‘… face my fears.’ [Tanu C]

‘… be more confident in myself.’ [Madalina M]

‘… have purpose in my actions.’ [Louise M]

‘… face the tasks that I avoid because of fear.’ [James W]

‘… step out of my comfort zone.’ [Daniela B]

‘… start changing unhealthy habits.’ [Augustin L]

‘… set goals for myself.’ [Nilay S]

’… pursue my goals.’ [Jeremiah U]

’… implement mindfulness.’ [Lauren C]

’… be an active listener.’ [Anira B]

’… set my goals.’ [Imani S]

’… know myself better.’ [Abhishek B]

’… not be afraid to share my thoughts with others.’ [Disha S]

’… make the most of what I have.’ [Tiffany D]

’… be more authentic.’ [Ellarene C]

’… accept myself.’ [Alice V]

’… apply for jobs I was unsure about.’ [Marco A]

’… believe in my ability.’ [Hannah S]

’… be more confident in myself.’ [Amy F]

’… appreciate different opinions.’ [Ana M]

’… work harder towards my goals.’ [Andres G]

’… face my future strong.’ [Arjunan R]

’… commit with purpose.’ [Camilo R]

’… push myself to leave my comfort zone.’ [Daniel C]

’… keep improving myself.’ [Emmanuel O]

’… control my inner voice.’ [Hiren T]

’… be a better leader.’ [Ieva G]

’… adopt mindfulness and talk to strangers.’ [James T]

’… feel more confident around people.’ [Jessica F]

’… be more self-aware.’ [Kabilas P]

’… feel more confident to apply for certain jobs.’ [Katherine H]

’… put myself in the shoes of others more often.’ [Kilian B]

’… take responsibility for my life.’ [Lanja R]

’… take risks.’ [Lauren M]

’… get out of my comfort zone.’ [Madhumitha K]

’… listen more.’ [Michal C]

’… be more confident.’ [Nantia B]

’… have more confidence in myself.’ [Polly S]

’… be more mindful.’ [Rosie G]

’… be more ready to take the lead.’ [Samuel S]

’… be more introspective.’ [Sian W]

’… take better care of my health.’ [Sushma S]

’… always say positive things about myself.’ [Toyyibat B]

’… be more resilient.’ [Yakubu S]

’… be willing to step out of my comfort zone.’ [Sabrina C]

’… continue to be me.’ [Samantha C]

’… make a difference.’ [Debbie F]

’… believe in myself more.’ [Manvinder D]

’… express myself better.’ [Hasit G]

’… be kinder to myself.’ [Jad J]

’… trust other people more.’ [Ashley A]

’… stop trying to solve other people’s problems.’ [Brandon M]

’… be more understanding.’ [Noi B]

My experience with Todd’s coaching was amazing. He helped me to come up to solutions for some of my struggles, and anchor them in effective plans that worked for me. He was emphatic to my issues and shared personal and professional stories, mixing them into challenging coaching questions. Todd's coaching model is simple and highly effective, bringing clarity in some of 'blurry' thoughts and working towards 'aha' moments. The approach is well balanced between hard core coaching skills and tools and personal 'to the heart' touch. [Razvan]

Todd is one of the most dedicated people I have ever met on leadership coaching. He had a tremendous impact on my leadership development journey. Despite the short timeframe, he was able to understand me at a deeper level. Thanks to his strong questions and direct approach, he has helped me uncover various issues and find the right solutions myself effortlessly. I really liked his proactive approach and indeed, this has given me the confidence that he would put extra effort on helping me from the very beginning. I really enjoyed working with him and anyone would be very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him.[Aysenur]

Over my plus 12 month journey with Todd, I somehow felt a lot calmer, more motivated and very energised after each call, and much more centered and focused on my next steps; immediate and further down the road; this despite the sometimes very frazzled, tired and distracted state I was in when entering call... it was quite something! I thoroughly enjoyed and found extremely valuable the journey with Todd and I will miss our conversations and his valuable insights and guidance. I would not hesitate to recommend Todd. [Adrian]

During the >1 year leadership training journey, Todd as one of our leading mentors has helped my colleagues and me to understand, experience and live the essence and purpose of modern leadership. Todd's commitment goes way beyond exceptional, he is an active role model in both face2face and online sessions and most importantly provides authentic yet individual coaching, where he nicely bridges both professional and personal topics - a key theme for the younger generations. [Moritz]

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