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On a scale of 0-10, how fully are you living and loving life? Do you sometimes wonder, “is there more to life than this?” Would you like to lead a more fulfilling life?


Not superficial questions, and if you're ready to accept the challenge, then this book will guide your journey. 


Drawing together the essence of the best psychology concepts, leadership models, and cutting-edge research of the past 30 years into an inspiring immersion of self-discovery you will:

  • Draw together the story of your past to be OK with who you are today

  • Develop a clear sense of direction in life

  • Enhance your ability to face fears, quieten self-doubt, beat bad habits, and handle negative emotions

  • Grow confidence, self-esteem, aspiration, resilience and motivation


With 75 outstanding illustrations from artist El Davo that bring to life the core messages, this book is so much more than its cover, and so are you!


Todd’s teaching is described as “life changing”, “inspiring”, “fun”, and “powerful” by thousands of his students. Are you ready to transform your life for good?

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