Through coaching and live events Todd has helped more than 2,000 people to take ownership of their life. Here's a selection of what they have to say about their experience:

"My experience with Todd’s coaching was amazing. He helped me to come up to solutions for some of my struggles, anchor them in effective plans that worked for me. He was emphatic to my issues and shared personal and professional stories or examples mixing them into challenging coaching questions. Todd's coaching model is simple and highly effective, bringing clarity in some of "blurry" thoughts and working towards "aha" moments. The approach is well balanced between hard core coaching skills and tools and personal/"to the heart" touch" [Razvan]

"I had 4 Coaching sessions with Todd Eden from March - June 2019 and each of those sessions were tailored to my needs. The interesting thing was the fact that I did not know what my needs were at the beginning. Todd helped me uncover them and guided me towards putting together the solutions to each identified need. Even when I could not come up with the solutions, he did not come to my rescue. He allowed me to ponder over them till I could come up with the solutions, even when it meant taking the same topic to the next session. That was indeed beautiful!!! The fact that I kept acting on the agreed actions and experienced the impact of those actions on my day to day activities further solidified the value I got from the coaching sessions. My expectations were not just met, they were exceeded!!!" [Fidelia]

"Todd is one of the most dedicated people I have ever met on leadership coaching. He had a tremendous impact on my leadership development journey. Despite the short timeframe, he was able to understand me at a deeper level. Thanks to his strong questions and direct approach, he has helped me uncover various issues and find the right solutions myself effortlessly. I really liked his proactive approach and indeed, this has given me the confidence that he would put extra effort on helping me from the very beginning. I really enjoyed working with him and anyone would be very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him" [Aysenur]

"Todd was one of the leading mentors in my 12 month leadership program. He is an exceptional mentor and his impact on my experience in this program cannot be overstated. Todd’s individualized coaching style made for consistently beneficial 1-1 mentoring conversations that helped me gain clarity on my leadership purpose and style. In group sessions he always brought an authentic energy to the room that made the difference between a good learning session and a great one. He listens keenly and pays close attention to room dynamics – and jumps in whenever needed to shift direction or address open loops that might have otherwise been missed. Todd approaches his work with energy, integrity and authenticity, and I would not hesitate to recommend him for anyone who is interested in professional mentoring/coaching." [Baldur]

"During the >1 year leadership training journey, Todd as one of our leading mentors has helped my colleagues and me to understand, experience and live the essence and purpose of modern leadership. Todd's commitment goes way beyond exceptional, he is an active role model in both f2f and online sessions and most importantly provides authentic yet individual coaching, where he nicely bridges both professional and personal topics - a key theme for the younger generations." [Moritz]

"Over my plus 12 month journey with Todd, I somehow felt a lot calmer, more motivated and very energised after each call, and much more centered and focused on my next steps; immediate and further down the road; this despite the sometimes very frazzled, tired and distracted state I was in when entering call... it was quite something! I thoroughly enjoyed and found extremely valuable the journey with Todd and I will miss our conversations and his valuable insights and guidance. I would not hesitate to recommend Todd". [Adrian]

"Todd is a great coach that has guided me, so I could plan the path to reach my goals during this year. His way of asking me to live the feeling of success in my thoughts makes the path to result so much clearer and easier. As Todd himself is a businessman that has overcome bumps on the road, he understands my problems and has a lot of tools to recommend. As a person he is very open and easy to talk with and makes the conversation and time flow. I would without any doubts recommend Todd as a coach to anyone who needs a guide to find their way through a challenge or reaching a goal." [Charlotte]

"Todd is highly capable professional with perspectives in both the business world, as well as personal leadership development coaching programs. Whether you want to develop yourself further and perform higher than usual or whether you want to make a career change, Todd is equipped to go through it with you and think together on how to achieve to ultimate goal. Result oriented and at the same time, people-person, Todd can take you through tangible action points to thoughtful brainstorming sessions. I highly recommend Todd to anyone that is looking for a refreshing perspective in life, as well as a career push" [Renata]

“Todd has been an excellent coach for me, who helped me and challenged me to move beyond my comfort zones, to increase my self-awareness and to build a trustful relationship. Todd is not only a coach, but also has a significant experience on corporate world, which makes him a much more complete professional and can relate to situations from a practical point of view as well. I highly recommend Todd to anyone who wants to go through an impactful and life changing coaching journey” [Mehdi]

"Todd is a coach who focuses you on getting results and moving you forward to reach your aims. He is not only a brilliant coach but as he has had a highly successful business career, I found he could show me some practical tools to move my goals forward. Todd takes a coach approach but refreshingly when I asked for his advice, he had an uncanny knack of calling out what I was thinking in my head which I did not want to admit but was almost always the right anwer. I would highly recommend Todd to anyone who needs to make a step change in their career or approach to a challenge" [Jen]

"I have been fortunate enough to work with Todd for several years and for the last year or so he coached me in a number of areas linked to both home and work life. He is able to quickly build a coaching relationship that allows open and honest dialogue to get to the root causes of blockers to personal development. In my case this allowed simple but effective solutions to be discussed and implemented quickly leading to real and tangible benefits. Todd is an excellent listener with clear integrity and I do not hesitate in recommending his abilities as a performance coach." [Graham]

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