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Todd Eden



Todd's sole mission in life is to bring out the best in people. It wasn’t always this way! Right through childhood and through his first couple of careers, he was uber competitive – great at bringing out his personal best and achieving results, but not always with great consideration for everyone around him. 


Thankfully he married someone who simply oozes kindness. The resulting upgrade, Todd version 2.0, retains his authentic ambition to win at life but now defines winning as ‘bringing out the best in others’. 


This mission has taken him around the world working with multi-national companies; into the lecture theatres of a third of the UK’s universities; and deep into the lives of his personal coaching clients. 


He remains a passionate student of self-development and has been living and breathing it daily for decades. At live events he enjoys bringing his unique combination of profound life shifting moments with belly laugh humour to thousands of people.

To discuss leadership programmes, coaching, live events, or key-note speeches send a mail to

El Davo



From a young age, El Davo enjoyed art, and from seeing other people's reactions, he learned he had a talent. He attributes some of this to being curious and observational of his surroundings — or a daydreamer as others might put it. Those around him saw the need to nurture this talent well before he was aware of it himself.


He was lucky enough that his older sister was an artist, always there to offer invaluable support and encouragement when he was growing up. She lived in London at the time and regularly took him around the city to different galleries, as well as showing him all the graffiti and street art hotspots. Later convincing him to pursue an art education beyond sixth form and attend art college, and after that, university.


Initially, he never felt like he had earned this talent, but nonetheless felt obliged to make the most of it. He constantly strives to improve for both the buzz of exceeding his own expectations and the joy it brings others, especially when hearing of people inspired enough to get back into doing art themselves. It is this small, yet influential ripple, which has led him to discover there exists a huge pool of untapped creative talent in society, stuck inside people who haven't been as fortunate as him to have had the support and encouragement to get the best out of them.


Connect with El Davo at or on Instagram @eldavooo


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