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Social conditioned purpose

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Do you have similar interests to your parents? Have they shaped your outlook on life?

Socially Conditioned Purpose

We learnt earlier that social conditioning affects your sense of identity. It can also shape your sense of purpose in life. From subtle unconscious bias related to the toys you are bought as a child, to ‘help’ from parents when choosing A-levels, and then degree courses; from social media influencers to the neighbours; what you are doing now has been influenced by the outside world.

When we're young it’s important to listen to the advice of those people we trust to have our best interests at heart. At the right moments in life it’s important to recognise the influences AND ensure that it is us who are taking the ultimate decision about what we're choosing to do with our life.

Reflect & Write.Considering what you are doing now. Who has influenced ‘your’ decision, and how have they influenced it? Spend 5 minutes on this.

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